Education Foundation for the St. Vrain Vally Logo

Student Success. Teacher Excellence.

We believe that our community is strengthened by every student that graduates ready to lead a successful life.

Working alongside St. Vrain Valley Schools district leaders and educators, we invest in transformative opportunities that accelerate progress for students and schools, and galvanize the philanthropic and community support necessary to to focus on Student Success and Teacher Excellence.

I have built my teaching career around equity and opportunity for my students. The Education Foundation sits in a unique position to help teachers level the playing field for their students and provide opportunities for both students and teachers alike. I continue to appreciate their commitment to our community and actions to recognize the district teachers as professionals for their hard work and dedication. As an SVVSD product, employee, and parent of current students, giving to the Education Foundation has been a priority to help continue that mission of providing opportunities.

Colin Rickman
Mobile Lab Coordinator
St. Vrain Valley Schools

Special Message from Don Haddad, Ed.D.