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2022 Teacher of the Year Award Nomination Form

  • Section A - Teacher Information

  • Section B - Your Information

  • Section C - Teacher of the Year Nomination Narrative

  • Exemplary St. Vrain Valley Schools Teachers of the Year embody the following 5 characteristics:
    • Innovator - Frequently and appropriately challenges "accepted but outdated" methodologies with new approaches
    • Goal-Setter - Sets and maintains high standards for learning regardless of class/student knowledge
    • Motivator - Demonstrates a real love of teaching in most every lesson
    • Subject Matter Expert - Understands and conveys the material taught
    • Life Connector - Utilizes real-world examples/current topics in the classroom to emphasize the lesson's importance

  • Please provide concrete examples of how this teacher exemplifies the above award criteria. Information should include how this nominee impacts students, peers, and the school over a period of time. This is your opportunity to let the selection committee get to know this teacher the way you do. Please be as detailed as possible.
  • Section D - Teacher of the Year Nomination Criteria

    To better help the committee understand the unique qualifications and exceptional approach to teaching, please select the TWO best criteria under each trait listed below that highlight why this nominee should be Teacher of the Year based on your narrative above.