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Eleanor Venture Travel Grant

2.5.2021 – The Education Foundation has decided to postpone the application and award of our 2021 Eleanor Venture Travel Grant. With the current restrictions for domestic and international travel and the health and well being of our educators being our number one priority; our staff, volunteer committee, and the board thought it be wise to postpone the grant and start planning for 2022. We know how much time and effort our teachers spend on their applications and sincerely hope that they will apply for the grant in 2022.  If you have any questions, please reach out to us.

The Eleanor Venture Travel Grant honors the foundation’s founder and longtime president Eleanor Flanders. This grant provides a teacher with an educational travel experience. Such an experience is expected to enhance the teacher’s classroom skills, expand curriculum options and ultimately benefit future students.

This annual grant provides the perfect tribute to Eleanor Flanders. Beginning in early WWII, Eleanor began putting away a little money here … and a little money there for her investments. She called the fund “The Eleanor Venture.” As time passed Eleanor used this money to travel … from her state college in Kansas to places all over the world. With each trip she felt renewed and energized, and her world view expanded. When asked how she might be honored upon her retirement, Eleanor looked back over her years and decided that the directors could best honor her by investing in a teacher – giving that teacher the funds for a once in a lifetime travel experience.

While such an experience can be given to only a few teachers over time, it is intended to honor all teachers and to tell them how important they are. It is expected that the trip would not only renew, energize and educate the teacher involved but that the teacher’s experience would be brought home to their classroom and to fellow teachers and students.  It would provide broad-based benefits for a long time to come.


To fund a once in a lifetime educational travel experience that will enhance the teacher’s classroom skills and/or curriculum and benefit the teacher’s students, school and district.  Travel must be completed by August 10th of the current year.


All K-12 teachers employed at a St. Vrain Valley School District campus for the current school year.


  • Awardee must be willing to make presentations about their travel experience to the St. Vrain Valley Schools Board of Education, St. Vrain Valley Schools Education Foundation Board of Directors and at least one community or civic organization.
  • Awardee must be willing to to write a report and provide photos of his/her travel experience for the Education Foundation website.
  • Awardee must be willing to participate in the selection committee for new candidates for 5 years following his/her award.

Grant Amount:

Up to $4,500

Application Criteria:

This grant is for a once in a lifetime educational travel experience.  Please consider the criteria below when writing your proposal.

  • Commitment – The St. Vrain Valley Schools Education Foundation is making an investment in the awardee.  The awardee should consider how he/she will pay it forward.
  • Impact – This educational travel experience should impact the students, school, district and community.
  • Adventure – Eleanor Flanders believed that life experiences begin and end with travel.

Application Deadline:

The application must be submitted electronically no later than Tuesday, March 31, 2020.  In addition, at least 1 letter of recommendation from your school administration supporting your application is required.

Selection Process:

All grant applications are reviewed by the Education Foundation’s selection committee.  If selected, the finalists will be invited for an in person interview and asked to make a short presentation about his/her proposed educational travel experience.  The selection committee will then ask the finalist any questions that they have about the application and presentation.


Finalists will be interviewed on Thursday, April 23rd from 4:30 to 6:30.  Finalist will be contacted with an interview time if  selected.

Grant Award:

The awardee will be notified no later than April 30, 2020.

Need More Information?

If you have questions or need assistance, contact us at or 720.652.8208.

Past Eleanor Venture Recipients

Each spring the Foundation’s Board of Directors gladly awards the Eleanor Venture Travel Grant to one deserving St. Vrain Valley School District teacher to use for a once in a lifetime travel experience which ultimately enriches the classroom experience.

Beginning in 2004, district teachers have used the travel grants to travel to many exciting destinations.

Award YearGrant Recipient(s)Destination
2021No grant awarded.
2020No grant awarded.
2019Shannon Brennan and Shelia FreehillCosta Rica
2018Colin RickmanCape Town, South Africa
2017Janet BenterRwanda
2016Kaarina DemersCuba
2015Karie Cooper and Hillari HansenKitengela, Kenya
2014David MerrillJapan
2013Brigitte TouchequeEcuador
2012Stephanie BusbyFrance
2011Scott BrungardtCentral America
2010Kristie BomanMorocco
2009Jason GageAustralia
2008Kenneth BensonNortheastern United States
2007Christina SmedleyEcuador and the Galapagos Islands
2006Susan Hartman & Jennifer ShoplandPeru
2005Bridget ShaughnessyMexico
2005Ruth SchrichteCosta Rica
2004Wendy DurstThailand, Vietnam, Cambodia