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Ruth Schrichte

007_7Ruth’s trip was reviewed in a Daily Times-Call article by Erin Feese following her return …

Shrichte, a sixth grade science teacher at Erie Middle School, spent 2 weeks of her summer vacation last year trekking through the Costa Rican rainforest. Her goal was to study rainforest ecosystems and volcanoes, because earth science is part of the sixth grade curriculum.

Shrichte said the experience has helped her in the classroom because she can relate more to the material she is presenting. For instance, when she plays the sounds of a volcano erupting for her class, she can describe being there and watching it happen.

Shrichte said her passion for earth science is contagious. “When I pull out the pictures, it is like being there again, and I get so excited,” she said. “The kids pick up on that. They can’t help but be interested if the teacher is.”