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2022 Eleanor Venture Travel Grant Application

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Application Criteria: This grant is for a once in a lifetime educational travel experience. Please consider the criteria below when writing your proposal.
  • Commitment – The Education Foundation for the St. Vrain Valley is making an investment in the awardee. The awardee should consider how he/she will pay it forward.
  • Impact – This educational travel experience should impact the students, school, district and community.
  • Adventure – Eleanor Flanders believed that life experiences begin and end with travel.

Describe how this will enhance your classroom skills and/or curriculum and benefit your students, your school and the district.

Travel Cost Information

If selected, you will be awarded up to $4,500 for the Eleanor Venture Travel Grant. Please detail all the expenses for your trip. If you will not have any expenses for a category enter the amount as $0. If you are traveling as a team include a breakdown of each person's expenses in the breakdown fields.

For regional travel where you plan to drive to your location enter $0 in the air transportation fields and provide as much detail as possible for your trip expenses in the ground transportation.
Total expenses for the trip. You will be asked to provide a breakdown of expenses below.

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    Please attach at least one letter of recommendation from your school administration supporting your application. Attachment(s) need to be in PDF format.
    If awarded the Eleanor Venture Travel Grant I authorize St. Vrain Valley Schools Education Foundation to use my name, any photos I provide and the story of my travel experience for marketing purposes.
    I have read the following expectations and agree.
    • Awardee must be willing to make presentations about their travel experience to the St. Vrain Valley Schools Board of Education, St. Vrain Valley Schools Education Foundation Board of Directors and at least one community or civic organization.
    • Awardee must be willing to to write a report and provide photos of his/her travel experience for the Education Foundation website.
    • Awardee must be willing to participate in the selection committee for new candidates for 5 years following his/her award.
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