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Bridget Shaughnessy

006_6In April 2005, Bridget’s upcoming trip was covered in a Daily Times-Call article written by Paula Aven Gladych…

Bridget Shaughnessy is heading for Mexico to study how the Spanish language is taught in schools.

Shaughnessy, a fourth-grade bilingual teacher at Central Elementary School, received $2,500 to travel to Mexico to study how teachers teach the Spanish language and also how they “get their parents involved in their students’ education, said Don Alspaugh, president of the (education) foundation. ‘If she figures that one out, that’s potentially lightning in a bottle.”

Shaughnessy, who recently finished her master’s degree in bilingual education at the University of Colorado, is taking a class this semester that focuses on what teachers can learn from Mexican schools and teachers.

She will travel to central Mexico, just outside of Mexico City, where she will study literacy practices at both public and private schools.

“If we can get answers from them (the teachers) it can really strengthen our program here,” she said. “It is something that is much needed. It is more than taking a trip around the world. It is looking at skills and strategies that can help kids in our district.”